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RailCats Team Content

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RailCats Team Content
  • RailCats RoundTable- Episode 4

    We're a quarter of the way through the 2021 season, and the RailCats just culminated a 6-game home stand with a series victory over Southern Division leaders Sioux City. Hear from Skipper Greg Tagert, the BroPen returns for episode 2, and take a tour of the RailCats' clubhouse.


  • RailCats RoundTable- Meet the Team

  • RailCats RoundTable- Episode 3

    Hear from Skipper Greg Tagert, meet the BroPen, get to know Raymond Jones, check out the Milkmen bullpen, and scope out the bromance between the Great Wall of Gary.

  • RailCats RoundTable- Episode 6

    Max Kelton hosts the RailCats' behind the scenes talk show! Shoot the Skip with Manager Greg Tagert, catch up with the BroPen, touch all the bases with Alec Olund, take a tour of the bullpen in Fargo, and more in this week's episode of RailCats RoundTable.